Android Most Common Problems With Their Solutions

Hey, are facing problems on your Android device? Of course, we all face lots of issue android device. However, the excellent thing about getting an android is most problems have some solutions. Therefore, in this article, I made a Guide on top Android most common problems with their solutions. so let’s have a look at the article if you are facing any issue in your android phone.

We can not refuse the reality that Android gives amazing reliability, protection, and stability. However, problems always come to you. Running Android mobile isn’t so easy if you do not know much regarding android Phone. several times mostly new smartphone user faces many difficulties and common issues in Android smartphones. In this article, I made a list of top common android smartphone problems and their solutions.

Android Most Common Problems With Their Solutions

The main problem is Battery Draining

 Android Most Common Problems With Their Solutions

Fast Battery draining is one of the most common issues in the Android smartphone. Almost every 6th out of the 10th smartphone user face fast battery draining issue in the Android smartphone. There are lots of reasons behind the battery draining issue. so one of the best methods for solving this issue is enabling battery saver mode and decrease your android smartphone brightness level.

You can also use DU Battery Saver Application to fix the problem of fast battery draining. besides, DU Battery Saver application allows you to charge your smartphone battery fast by preventing the applications running in the system background of your smartphone.

First of all, Go to your setting menu, After that tap on the location & enable battery saver mode. and Always use minimum brightness on android smartphone.


Slow Speed and Hanging problem

Slow speed in the smartphone is one of the worst problems in android device. We are getting slow speeds due to lots of unwanted android applications which is installed on the smartphone, and at the same time open too many android applications. The problem can solve in the very simple way.

Simply you have to uninstall all unused applications, Delete large media files from a smartphone storage. After that, you need to Download Clean Master application for your smartphone. The clean Master app can do all the major work also it can make you remove unwanted applications and also can help you delete Big media files from your smartphone. furthermore, it can also remove junk files and cache files from your phone.

Wifi connection error

sometimes you connect your android smartphone to the wifi network and you may be facing a big issue in getting the wifi signal or not connecting. this problem can be solved in a very simple way you need to Restart your android smartphone or simply Enable airplane mode from the settings in the smartphone at least 20-30 seconds. Try second time with your android smartphone for wifi connection.

Forget the Android Pattern lock

Android Most Common Problems With Their Solutions


In case you forget the pattern lock of your smartphone, then you can not do anything on your smartphone. Many smartphone users who set heavy pattern combinations lock, suddenly forget the pattern of his or her Android smartphone. In this case, they have to follow some steps to unlock their smartphone.

First of all, you have to switch off his Android smartphone.

after that, you have to hold Volume Up buttonPower button

On the next screen, you will see some option. here you have to select Wipe data option and press power button.

that’s it. Your smartphone password is now unlock


Your Phone cannot connect to Your desktop(For transferring data)

 Android Most Common Problems With Their Solutions

If you want to transfer your mobile data to the desktop, so you can try Airdroid application for wirelessly transfer data to the smartphoneAirdroid application is one of the popular application for transfer data into the desktop to mobile and mobile to desktop. Sometimes your USB cable or USB ports on the desktop does not support each other that’s why you face those type of issues.

Google Play Errors

common android smartphone problems


Google play is the main resource for downloading smartphone Android games and applications in Android smartphone. If you want to download Android applications in the Android smartphone from google play store and you are facing the error such as not downloading or responding, so this is a very big issue. When you can not download the Android applications, you can not do anything on the smartphone. To fix this errors you have to follow some simple steps.

  • You have to delete and add your Gmail Accounts, deleting it and add your Gmail account can solve your all downloading related problems within a minutes.
  • You can also clear the cache data and Cache of Google Play Store and Services. This will surely solve this problem.
  • If the problem still coming, then you have to head over Google Play store settings in Apps and then choose the tab of “Uninstall updates.”

SD card is not showing

If the Sd card gets corrupted then the best option is to fully format them using a pc or laptop. There might be lots of reason why your SD card is not recognized by smartphone, but, the reformat job seem to solve out the problem in most of the cases.

Android Using Too Much Data

Nowadays Android smartphones come up with a better solution referred to as Data Usage. you can simply set a data limit to your internet data usage. Once the data limit is passed your smartphone will turn off the Internet Data or WiFi connection. You just have to open Settings in the smartphone -> Data Usages -> Set internet Data Limit.

That’s all Android Most Common Problems With Their Solutions 2018. so try all of these techniques for fixing your common Android smartphone problems. Please share our article with your family and friends also in social media. If you have any question related to this then leave your questions in the comments box.

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