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How To Create Independence day Wishing Website – All of you are welcome at today’s post is very interesting because today I will tell you a way how you can use to create your own Independence day 2019 wishing script website. You can earn money by making New Independence day wishing script Website and enjoy it as well. So first let us know what we will need to do to create a wishing website.

And in this post, we will talk –

1 – What is the Festival Wishing Website?

2 – What things are needed to make this?

3 – Where to buy the required item?

4- Can you make money from this?

5 – How to make it? So let’s start friends,

Friends, you may have seen that you have a message on WhatsApp, or someone else, on which it is written that Touch to the blue line and see the magic or Touch the Blue Line and See The Magic or your friend wishing you happy independence day (Here Friend can be your friend’s name and any festival at the place of Holi) And when you click on that link, you get some such interface. (You can see below)

What is the Festival Wishing Website?

Friends, Festival Wishing Website is a website that has only one page, and you design it by looking at the festival that you think it is, and upload the script written in HTML / PHP, when a user clicks on the URL of your website, in front of it, the page opens as you have done the design. You do not have to install any application to create this website.

Like – WordPress, Joomla, …etc

If we talk about the current time, it is becoming very popular, its biggest Reason Smart Phone and Jio, due to which almost 75% of India’s people have joined the Internet today. If we say directly in words, it has become a separate Platform to wish your friends or Relatives, so that every Internet User can send greetings to their loved ones, which seems quite good too.

To create an Independence day 2018 wishing website we will not need more than just three things which are free also available and paid is also available if you have money, you can also get paid but if you do not have money, then you can use Free. Now you can easily create wishing website and earn money from it. Below is a list of essential things.

Friends, you need three (three) things to create a Wishing Website –

1- Domain or SubDomain

2- Hosting

3- Script Which will get you both free and paid.

If you need Free or Paid Hosting, Domain, Script, you can contact us.

How to create a Festival Wishing Website?

  • Friends, if you want to earn money by making such a website and you have understood all the above-mentioned statements, then you can create a Festival Wishing Website.
    For this, if you have purchased Hosting and have connected to Domain Hosting, then you have to login in Cpanel.
  • You will be given User Name and Password through the Hosting Provider Company.
  • To log in to Cpanel, you can use the link provided by Hosting Company, or you can also go to the Cpanel by placing (/) next to your domain.
  • Ex –

  • Step-1: And here you can log in with Username and Password. Now something like this will open in front of you (you can see in the image.)

  • Step-2: Now you have to go to the File Manager, and click on Public_HTML.

  • Step-3: Now you have to upload your script here. Click on the upload and select the file and upload it.

  • Step-4: Now you can select or upload your file and now you will come across many options. Click on Extract and confirm it. (If your file is in .zip format)

  • Step-5: Now you have to select Zip File for the second time and delete it, just do not delete others files.

  • Step 6: Now refresh the Cpanel page.

Now your website is ready, you can open your URL and open it.

If you want to earn money by putting an Ads Unit in it, then edit the HTML and paste the Ads Code on it and go to AdSense and that website.

Friends, this way you can earn money by making the Festival Wishing Website. If you have any questions related to it then you can ask in the comment. Happy Earning

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