Gb Instagram latest version v1.50 app download 2018

GB Instagram latest version – It will not be wrong to say that for Instagram, many people spend more time there than Facebook. Especially for photography enthusiasts, it is a great platform, and for these reasons, the company is always engaged in trying to improve it better. In fact, in the direct message of Gb Instagram update, the company has introduced a new GIF support, so that users of Chat Experience will be better now.

Gb Instagram app has announced this through its official blog post, which will now be able to use GIFs in Instagram Direct. Under this, a new GIF button will now be seen in the composer bar, which will open all the latest Trending GIFs Library as soon as you tap. Explain that these new GIFs are presented by GIPHY for Gb Instagram Direct.

Under this, GIFs can be used in another fun way. Type the GIF that you want to send in the user’s search bar and type in a random option when the library opens. By pressing it, a random GIF itself will automatically be sanded by another user.

Finally, let us know that this new feature of Gb Instagram latest version has been released by the company for both Android and iOS users. At the same time, if you do not see this option in DM (Direct Message), then please update the Instagram as soon as it is only compatible with the latest version of the Instagram app.

For the information, please inform that some time ago Gb Instagram latest version released a new special feature for this app so that the user will know easily who his friends are online and who do not. This is something that we have already seen in Facebook Messenger before. Under this new feature, people who follow you and if you have already chatted through DM through direct message, you will see a green dot on the bottom right side of their contact photo. This will know that the user is online at that instagram

What new features in GB Instagram latest version

* Ability to upload pictures and videos
* You can download pictures and videos from the Storey
* You can hide that you have seen the stories (stories) of the additions and characteristics and then privacy
* Ability to preview images and play videos in your player without saving them to your device
* Ability to share/copy the image and video links
* Add several options to change the theme (colors) of the conversations and conversations screen
* You can copy comments
* You can translate comments into your own language
* You can zoom in on your personal photos and photos of publications with long press
* Fully support the compression of links in the program (publications – comments – inside the conversation)
* Add option to play audio with video automatically
* You can copy Bayo (description)
* You can find out who follows you (Enter the profile of the person you will find the word that follows you if he follows you)

Gb Instagram app download

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