Download GbWhatsapp latest version 6.55 APK August 2018

GbWhatsapp latest version 6.55 – There was a time when we used to send messages to each other through SMS, but after the Internet revolution, how many social media sites and apps have spread their feet. If we talked about the instant messaging app, first of all, the name of WhatsApp comes to mind.

There is no doubt that Whatsapp is the best messaging app. We spend most of our time using Whatsapp. Because of the great features of WhatsApp, this app is at the forefront of instant messaging. But there are some features in WhatsApp that are missing. So for these features, there is a modified version of WhatsApp which is known as Gb WhatsApp

What is GBWhatsapp messenger?

GBWhatsapp is an app similar to the WhatsApp app. We can say that GBWhatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp, that means some features that are not available in WhatsApp, you can find in GBWhatsapp.

Features of Gbwhatsapp Latest version v6.55

* Ability to hide impressions
* Privacy options
* You can send group messages to groups
* Possibility to hide any conversation
* Automatic reply (you can send an automatic response to incoming messages when you are busy)
* You can change the program line by about 30 lines
* When someone deletes a message from your computer, you will be prompted with a message that tells you which message to delete (retrieve)
* You can now turn off the Internet and keep the Internet running in other programs
* You can upload video in case of 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds in Gbwhatsapp latest version
* Ability to send scheduled messages
* You can retrieve any message after sending it and will delete it from all the devices sent to it
* You can disable automatic media loading for each conversation
* You can send a message or call a number that is not saved in your device such as the application
* The possibility of distinguishing between collective and ordinary messages
* Ability to know who visited your profile or become connected
* Possibility of locking the lock with a password in Gb WhatsApp latest version
* Ability to send a video size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB
* Ability to send a sound clip up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
* Ability to send 90 photos of one payment without 10
* The possibility of placing the case of the number of characters 250 instead of 139 characters
* Ability to click on the links without storing the number of the sender of the message or the owner of the group
* Statistics counter for groups
* Preview media without loading
* Ability to hide name and date when copying two or more messages
* Ability to copy status in Gb WhatsApp update
* Ability to change the program format, change the program icon and notifications
* Ability to send images with high resolution in Gb Whatsapp update
* Ability to stop receiving calls for anyone you want or for everyone
* Ability to display the messages of any person in the group separately from the messages of the rest of the members
* The program sends you an alert if your friend changes his or her personal photo
* And many features

Overall, we tell you, your control will remain completely on your WhatsApp page. GBWhatsapp is considered to be one of the best-modified versions. The best feature is that you can use it in your device even with the official Whatsapp.

Since GBWhatsapp is not an official Whatsapp, it is not available on Google Play Store. You can download it to your device via direct chrome. Follow the steps below for how to install it after downloading it.

How to install Gbwhatsapp latest version / Gb WhatsApp Update v6.55

Step 1– You can Download from Gbwhatsapp official website. After downloading the app, you have to enable the unknown source from your smartphone, so go to Settings> Security> Unknown Source and enable them.

Step 2– Now where you saved the GBWhatsapp file, browse that location and then install it.

Step 3– Now open the installed GBWhatsapp and verify your mobile number as you do in the Official Whatsapp. Enjoy GBWhatsapp’s cool and Amazing features after creating an account.

GBWhatsapp is great enough to be used and absolutely safe. Through this, you can use dual Whatsapp in your smartphone. One advantage of this is that using it does not even consume your smartphone’s battery and cache memory. This app is fast enough to use your device so that your device will not be slow.

Gbwhatsapp App Download / Gb WhatsApp Update v6.55

Gbwhatsapp Latest version – v6.55 (August Update)

Gb whatsapp old version 

v6.50 (5th July)June version / January version


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