How to increase Audio Quality in Android Smartphone – 2018

Sometimes the Audio Quality in Android smartphones gets spoiled. That’s why we often have to go through a problem while listening to music or during a call, but do you know that audio quality can be improved in Android smartphone?

Yes, if you too have problems due to the poor quality of your smartphone, then read this article completely so that you can know how you can improve the audio Quality. It is extremely important to have a good quality of sound equalizer in the Android operating system so that speakers or earphones can have better quality sounds.

Changes to Android smartphone settings

Nowadays, every Android smartphone has an option to improve audio quality. Users simply go to Settings> Sounds & Vibration and there you will see many options to improve audio quality. First, try changing your device’s settings first.

Use Audio Equalizer to Improve Audio Quality

Nowadays smartphone has the Facility of the audio equalizer. To listen to music on Android smartphone, we use the default audio player that is already available on the phone. Most of these default music players do not have better equalizer settings. So you can download some apps by visiting the Play Store, from which you can control the audio. Otherwise, if there is the facility in the smartphone, try changing the audio equalizer setting.volume booster

Ainur NERO mod

You can use Ainur NERO mod if you wish. This is an advanced audio system of UltraM8s. Ainur NERO mod replaces all the audio APIs that is the Android processing unit and puts the custom API in your phone. The advantage of which is that your Android’s sound quality gets much better. For this, follow the simple process given below:

Step 1– In the first step, you have to install Ainur NERO mod in your phone. After this, save this folder in another folder.

Step 2– Now install TWRP on your phone. After installing it, use the flash system. For this, you can click the TWRP tool> Install button. (If it asks for information about your file location, tell file location)> After selecting the file location, confirm the installation. This will improve your phone’s sound quality.

Dolby Atmos Surround

Apart from this, you can also improve the quality of audio using Dolby Atmos Surround.

Step 1РDownload the ZIP file of Dolby Atmos Surround. After this, you will need to go into recovery mode. So keep pressing the Power + Volume Up + Home button on your device.

Step 2– Click the install button now. Now flash the Dolby Atmos Surround ZIP file. After flashing, restart the phone.

Step 3– In the last step, you can open the app and set your timeless audio settings.

Volume booster

In addition, if you want you can also use some other volume booster app. Such as volume booster, ultimate volume, and Easy Volume Booster. Extra features are available in these third-party applications, which can help you in increasing the audio quality.

Carefully choose cover

If you have trouble sounding in the smartphone then check your phone cover once. Always select a cover that does not cover the speaker. Due to the speaker cover also audio level falls down.

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