How To Scan Files and Url Without Any Antivirus Installed

Hey Guys, today I am going to talk about the most useful techniques to scan doubtful URL file online for the infected virus, malicious codes, and trojan. Below we have written some online file scanners that will surely help you to scan your media files & URL without any Antivirus software installed.

These days virus and malware attacks are rapidly increasing day-by-day. We use antivirus software and plenty of software on your desktop or laptop to keep safe from getting infected with viruses. That viruses generally comes from the internet, downloaded files, and Pendrives.

How To Scan Files and Url Without Any Antivirus Installed

In the desktop, you have the choice to scan external drive’s for viruses and malware but what about downloaded media and software files. mostly, desktop users downloaded cracked or pirated software from different websites. after that they scan for a virus or malware from their desktop’s Antivirus, and in the results, some virus are already installed on your desktop which means you have previously downloaded the malware infected software file. so In this article, we will tell you everything about How you can scan suspicious URL file online for malware virus and trojan. if you use desktop or Laptop without any Antivirus, then the online virus scanner service will be very useful for you.

Online Virus Scanners are the web software for scanning your malware infected files, URL links, and website for Malicious Programs and Virus. is the fully free virus scanning website for your malware infected files, URL links, and websites. You will able to scan any suspicious files and websites from this online virus scanner website. That virus scanner website uses more than 60 different online Antivirus engines for scanning your media, software files and URLs. Virustotal is part of Google, which was established in 2012.How To Scan Files and Url Without Any Antivirus Installed

How to Use Online Virus Scanner – Virus Total

Step 1. First of all, visit the from your desktop browser.

Step 2. If you want to scan the suspicious files for the virus, then upload that file on (Maximum size is 125MB)

Step 3. In Virustotal, you can scan specific website URL or whole website for malware infected virus and Malicious codes or programmes.

Step 4. After that, you will see the result of scanning.

You can scan everything you want, Like if you have a website then you can also scan your WordPress plugins and themes for malicious codes and trojans. mostly viruses come from unofficial sites and pirated websites. So I advised you to never download pirated software or media files from those websites.


Similar Websites That Provide Online Virus Scanner:


Metadefender is a free virus scanner website that scans for and examines a file or software without even downloading and installing any antivirus software. This is another popular online antivirus scanner after Virustotal scanner. You can also look up a hash and even scan any IP Address by the help of Metadefender. You can upload a file and software up to 140 MB to scan with more than 42 anti-malware online engines.

VirSCAN is another a FREE online virus scan service, which analyzes uploaded files and software for malware, suspicious code and trojan, using various online antivirus engines, indicated in the VirSCAN list. if you want to check a file then you have to upload that file. after that, you will see the result of the file scanning and how dangerous and harmful or harmless for your desktop those files or software are.

F-Secure Online Scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner also helps to get rid of dangerous viruses and spyware that may cause lots of problems on your desktop, and all of it for free. you can use the F-Secure online scanner as a free utility tool to handle important tasks such as product databases manually updating, booting an un-responsive desktop and removing specific threats.


NoDistribute is one of the best online scanners among those online scanners. You can use this online scanner in order to get rid of malware and viruses which can create problems on your desktop or laptop. The NoDistribute online virus scanner has more than 40plus online antivirus engines. However, the free version of Nodistribute provides you only 3 free scans and after that, you have to pay.

Hybrid Analysis

Hybrid Analysis is one of the most useful free online scanner engine tools that can analyze the software or files in the virtual environments. The best thing about Hybrid Analysis shows the scanning results with more than 70 different antivirus engines. You can also use this online scanner engine to scan office documents files, PDF file, Apps files and many more.

Jotti’s Malware Scan

Jotti’s malware scanner is also a free and more trustable service that lets you examine doubtful files and software with the variety of online antivirus programs. At a time you can upload up to 5 files or software at the same time. There is a 50-MB limit per uploading file. Please keep in mind that no security solution gives 100% protection and security, not even when it uses multiple online antivirus engines. all files are shared with most of the antivirus companies so the detection accuracy of their online antivirus products can be improved.


So the above list is all about Online Virus Scanner. If you have any doubt on any file, then upload on Virustotal scanner.

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