PUBG Mobile Tips: Follow these tips to become a master in PUBG

The craze of the Internet is increasing day by day. Today the youth, what the child and the elderly are all in the custody of Cyber Age. Recall 20 years ago, children used to be passionate about outdoor games, but after the Internet, it is all over. Also, some games becoming extinct. In today’s time, everyone is carrying a smartphone with his. With entertainment and gaming, and there are many such features which we have got addicted to. The game which is at the peak of the moment is PUBG!

There is hardly a smartphone user who will not be aware of this popular game. We ourselves have heard many discussions on intersections about the game from the youth. Perhaps you might have seen this as well. Actually, everyone wants to be the master of PUBG game, but it is not so easy. Now that’s not easy because we have come up with great tips about this, which can help you get chicken dinner and kill off your opponents.

How to become a master of PUBG Mobile

This game is famous for almost every gaming platform, whether it is a computer or mobile. You can play this survival game alone and also with friends. Players only need to take care of practice and some things. Often players play well on the game, but newbies are unable to make chicken dinner because of ignoring some important points.

Now, following the important tips that we are giving you, you can certainly increase your kills and increase the chances of chicken dinner.

Choose your Costume according to map

pubg mobile costume

Costume plays an important role on the battlefield. In this game, you get more costume options. However, you must be careful about using them. Especially the bright clothes should be avoided, otherwise, you can easily come in the eye of your enemies and they will kill You.

Let us tell you that in PUBG, users get many types of costumes and accessories besides a hat, cap, shirt, T-shirt, jacket, pants, jeans, shoes, boots. Most of these are also very colorful costumes. In this case, some players think that they will look quite tremendously by wearing them. But, they forget that such costume players do not help in hiding. In this case, the person wearing a costume should take care of whether it is hidden in the jungle or in the desert when it is hidden.

Choose the firing mode correctly

pubg mobile firing mode

Those who play it will be aware that an auto mode is a great option for shooting in the close range in the game. However, if you fire on the auto mode in a distance range, then there are more chances that your target can easily escape. For this reason, you should keep changing the fire rate of your gun by examining your shooting range. At the same time, the use of single-mode is the most effective combination for auto-mode and distant for the nearby shooting range.

The location shows when you run

Maintain concentration, choose a precise location instead run in the game, so rest it is because, in this game, you can easily hear out the sound of running or walking other players. Play games with as little sound and as comfortable as possible, so that your enemy can not detect your location or movements. You fire only when your target or your entire team is on your target.

Do not use the car in the last minute of the game

It is a good thing to get comfortable inside the circle by driving in PUBG. But, using it all the time, sometimes puts the player in trouble too. This happens especially in the last moments of the game. That’s because we have said above that you have to play with silence or you may have to bear the brunt. If you take a car in the last moments of the game, then the sound of the car will come to everyone, and they can know of your arrivals and even your location will also be known.

Keep patience for Dropbox Loot

pubg mobile loot

Patience is bitter, But fruit is sweet. you will also have this line from childhood. Just here you have to implement it. Everyone in the game wants to run behind the dropbox, but more rashness proves to be fatal. Most players in the game run away behind this box.

The reason for this is the best robbery found in the dropbox. In this case, the team that first reaches this drop becomes the target of the other teams. In this case, we advise you that you should always stand a little away from the dropbox and first target the other team. When you feel that your way is clear to go, you should go to the box only after that.

Following these tips increases the chances of your chicken dinner.

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