Top 10 Superfast Browsers Apps For Your Android Device

We have written the Top 10 superfast browsers app for your Android device that confirms to give you very smooth browsing experience while saving your very expensive internet data. so, Check out the list of top 10 browsers app for Android.

Nowadays every 9th person out of 10th uses smartphone across the world.

And there is each and every user uses a browser to browse sites and to download the documents, files, songs, video, software, and others media from the internet. In all these things, we deal with our web browser. The web browser is an application or software which is designed to communicate the user to the internet.

the web browser required a server website to display the web pages contents. so we should choose a good web browser for your smartphone. we can see there are lots of popular internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Safari browser, UC Browser for mobile and many more. however, all web browsers do the same simple job that is opening the web pages a good browser loads the website or site pages too quickly.

Now coming to the Best Android Browsers. There are few browsers which are recognized by very fewer people but they all work far better than all those popular browsers. so, Below I have written about the Best Android Browsers app on the base of web Page loading speed, users privacy protection, and the very important thing is downloading speed.

Top 10 Superfast Browsers App For Your Android That You Must Have On Your Smartphone

#1 Puffin Browser

It is my favorite browser because it web page loading speed is awesome. that’s why I have given this app to the first position on the list of Top 10 Superfast Browsers App. Puffin browser app is a highly customizable web browser, with simple backgrounds and other adds on features, and it has also the ability to support a mouse cursor and a smooth trackpad. this feature is ideal for those people who miss the desktop experience on the smartphone. It also works by transferring all material to its fast cloud storage before delivering it to users smartphones, that is direct helps in loading heavy website files and media on android device with the lowest bandwidth that is more fastly.

Top 10 Superfast Browsers App For Your Android Device

Puffin Browser Features

  • whole traffics from Puffin browser app to Puffin online server are fully encrypted, which is provide protection from hacker and malicious virus.
  • it can support Adobe Flash over the cloud storage
  • puffin also works on lowest android version 4.4 KitKat
  • Download to cloud storage (up to 1G per file)
  • it also provides Theater mode function for online games and videos.
  • the most amazing features of this browser are Virtual trackpad & gamepad

 #2 Chrome browser Beta version

This is the best Android browsers app till now as lots of us lose interest in default Google Chrome browser app but this is much better than it. As on this browser, we get the direct updates of the beta browser directly from Google. to get beta version update we have to take part in beta tester programme. after that, we can download this browser and also give our valuable feedbacks about the browser developments. This is the amazing way to stay up to date with the new features.

Top 10 Superfast Browsers App For Your Android Device

Chrome browser feature

  • You will get the direct update from google
  • it is very fast as compared to the default google chrome browser
  • lightweight browser
  • it supports desktop window

#3 Dolphin Browser

It is also very famous browser among the Android device users. This browser app has a very appealing appearance. the web Page loading speed of this browser app is also likewise superb. The main features of this browser app are that it can improve the sites look to the old light version web page sites which work flawlessly only on the old flash player and in the dynamic web pages open smoothly.

Top 10 Superfast Browsers App For Your Android Device

Dolphin browser Features

  • You will Get the amazing video and gaming experience with old Adobe Flash player for Android device.
  • Dolphin Browser also provides AdBlocker feature. by the AdBlocker, you will block all popups ads, ads banners and ads videos.
  • It displays your all open tabs and lets you move between them by just swiping.
  • in this browser, Incognito browsing feature gives you private browsing experience without storing any temporary data.

#4 CM Browser – Fast & Light

CM stands for Clean Master Browser. this is an ultra light-weight android browser app that can protect you from malware and malicious codes and also gives you fast browsing speed. It is much more fastest as compared to others browser, it is specially designed for web browsing to make surfing experience more smooth.

best android browser apps

CM browser Features:

  • It provides speed Browsing acceleration: Preload web page mechanism to speed up the browsing experience
  • This will give alert to you when browsing potentially malware or spam malicious sites.
  • It can scans all Apk file before downloading, keeping your smartphone safe
  • Option to save history, passwords saved and cookies.

#5 Mercury Browser for Android

Mercury browser is an awesome browser for Android. that lets you browse & search web-pages fastly with such features as Ad Block, Customization Search Engine, Flash support, Patch Download images, Multiple Tabs supported without any limit, Users Agent, fully Offline Reading Lists, Pictures Block and Full Screen etc.

best android browser apps

Mercury Browser Features:

  • now you can watch the video with more ease with the powerfull flashing tool
  • most reliable ad blocking options which is built in.
  • you can enable Private Mode, that will prevent Mercury browser app from storing your browsing data and cookies.
  • It will also protect you from being monitored on your personal privacy by clearing all the app browsing histories and all cookies.

#6 Brave Browser

Brave Web Browser is one of the fastest browser, which is fully free and secure web browser for smartphones with an inbuild AdBlocker. it provides tracking & security protection and also compressed data and battery saver experience. The brave web browser is moving its browser app a step closer to Chrome browser, a move that will mean a fantastic customization and the ability to click into the array of extensions that can customize Google’s browser.

fastest browser for android


  • The brave browser is manufactured with an inbuilt ad blocker.
  • there is no need for external plugins or settings to manage browser or configure
  • the Brave browser reduces page loading times, and also enhance performance.

#7 Firefox Browser

Firefox is also a fast browser with smart and personal Web customizations. Firefox is the independent browser, which is the first browser made by Mozilla for people, voted the more Trusted company for Internet Privacy. so upgrade your browser today and join this browser now. The most people which depend on Firefox for a more personal security experience.


  • this comes with cool and smart function features
  • You can easily Access shortcuts of the browser to search providers like Twitter, Wikipedia, and Amazon.
  • It also comes with an ad-blocker

#8 Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser app is one of the best Android browsers app for smartphone devices with media file Downloading, Data Saving and Fast and Private Browsing. It will help you to access the latest news, videos file, famous games and the popular websites very fast and easily, this can also help you in video detection. Phoenix Browser makes the variety of online videos downloadable.

Phonix browser Features:

  • The Bookmarks feature will help you to save your favorite sites and also provides easy navigation for accessing later on.
  • You can add your favorite sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon etc.
  • Most websites Recommended this browser for quick access. You can also customise the list to your liking.
  • The inbuilt video player offers a one stop service for video download to video playing.

#9 DU Browser – Browse fast & fun

DU Browser is a very simple and reliable free android device browser for smartphones. It will provide you an ultra fast browsing experience & a magnificently useful information for daily life like latest news, music, videos, soccer, sports, and meme without searching.


  • It gives Speed fast Browsing experience
  • easy Navigation
  • this also comes with Incognito Browsing feature
  • Download space Management
  • this can Save your expensive Data
  • Intuitively-Searches

#10 Ghostery Privacy Browser

Last but not least this is an amazing light in weight and clean browser that offers you the control to make correct decisions regarding the personal data which you share with the data trackers on the websites you visit. That’s why it also comes in Top 10 Superfast Browsers App list.

fastest browser for android

Ghostery browser Features:

  • you can get a sudden overview of the website trackers on each website which you visit, after that block or allow trackers you need
  • this also provide Manage website whitelists feature
  • The largest website tracker database, with over 2,300 trackers and 4,600 scripts
  • it will give you additional privacy feature with fast and easy access to clear your whole cookies, cache file, and searching history.

So, above all are the Top 10 Superfast Browsers App For Your Android. I hope you will surely like these all best Android browsers app and you will definitely forget your old browser apps. so pick any one of your choices and Download and install and have fun over the internet. Also, Do not forget to share this article with your family and friends. and if you have any doubt then leave a comment in the comment box

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