Why PUBG Mobile is so damn addictive – How to play PUBG Mobile in PC or Laptop

Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about PUBG Mobile. Why PUBG Mobile is so addictive and How to Play PUBG Mobile in PC or Laptop. and also I will tell you about PUBG Mobile Tips. So, as the name suggests, you can download PUBG Mobile in your mobile which is totally free and if you want to play PUBG on your computer or laptop then you can buy the PC version of it. But Today I will also tell you a simple method to play PUBG Mobile in PC or laptop

Why PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is so damn addictive

This is the question which I wanted to give an answer for a long time.

So when Pubg was newly released on pc I like to watch this game on youtube I spend their 2–3 hours on live streaming and wish I could play but I don’t have so this wish remains to wish so after some days I listen one of my friend he said a new game is a release on play store which is similar to Pubg I got mad after listening to this I just open my mobile and start downloading finally game is downloaded in 2 hours (Rules of survival) when I open the game it shows you are not able to see grass because your phone specification is not good oh holy crap still I played that game but after some days finally the moment has come which I waited for a long time yes you are right Pubg is going to launch on mobile oh my god finally Pubg Mobile is launched and I am downloaded it I just don’t believe that I am going to play Pubg Mobile on my mobile but the 1st error which shocked me this game does not support your device right now. I hope you will understand we will add your device asap my excitement turned into sadness and finally, I decided to play it on my laptop and I m downloaded Nox player do some setting in it and download it from play store finally m going to play my first match.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game is an amazing online game, so you will need an internet connection to play this game – You can play this game over Wi-fi or Mobile data… the choice is yours 😉

PUBG Mobile should higher specification system to run. It can Run on Android Lolipop which lower version for PUBG. it needs at least 2GB Ram. I am playing this game on Redmi note 5 Pro, and it run very smooth on my smartphone

The iPhone version PUBG Mobile needs iOS 9.0 or higher version os, So the iPhone 5s can support PUBG and also iPad and iPad mini 2 can also support PUBG Mobile easily.

Why PUBG Mobile is so damn addictive - How to play PUBG Mobile in PC or Laptop

How to play PUBG Mobile in PC or laptop

Friends, this is very easy to do with the help of an emulator which is specially made for it and also it is an official emulator for PUBG Mobile, you can easily play PUBG Mobile in PC or laptop. and also recently Tencent launched PUBG Mobile Lite for Android users. So let’s have a look, I have written a simple method on this thing.


STEP 1. First of all, visit on official site, Here you will see Tencent Best ever emulator for PUBG Mobile. Now you have to click on Download Now, then you will notice one.Exe The file is downloading.

Download Tencent

STEP 2. when the first process, then you need to install that.Exe file on your laptop or PC.

STEP 3. when you will open that software then you find a PUBG Mobile download link, Just click on that link

STEP 4. After this, when it is downloaded, then you will click Install and thus PUBG Mobile will start installing on your computer or laptop. In this process you will need about 2 GB of data, depending on your internet connection. The faster your internet connection will be, the faster it will be installed.

Now you have to open it and thus you can enjoy PUBG Mobile in Pc or laptop

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Which is the best place to land in PUBG Mobile?

There are plenty of places to loot. However, some places attract a lot of players, so you need to be quick to loot and eliminate others. What is more important is to find a balance between good loot and less competition. This usually is a place relatively close but not too far away from the flight path. Empty places with one or two small houses won’t have much to loot, so never drop there. Here is the list of places you could try, in descending order of competition.


Pochinki, School, Military Base (high risk)

Rozhok, Mylta Power Plant, Georgopol, Novorepenoye (moderate risk)

Prison, Mansion, Shelter (low risk)


Hacienda del Patron, Pecado (high risk, good loot)

Los Leones, Water Treatment Plant, San Martin, Power Grid (Moderate-low risk, moderate-low loot)


Final Vdirect

PUBG Not as Good as in desktop or laptop but for Android Mobile, it is one of the best action games.

Graphics are better than other action games in Android like a rule of survival still nowhere comparable to PC.

Controlling is tough in Smartphone but PUBG Mobile developers have tried their best. I feel control system is even slightly difficult than other action game. Still, you get amazing features like Peek & fire and gyroscope.

The difficulty is low, it is like playing Pubg Mobile on easy mode. Getting chicken dinner is very easy to simply play for 4-5 days and you will get one. In the desktop it is really very hard to even get in top 10, you have to play for more than 3 weeks to become expert in front of other PUBG players. I feel they have included bots in the game not sure though but some players are ridiculously stupid, I once ignored a person in front of me and was using a medkit, he still was unable to kill me. So that’s why I don’t even count a win in mobile as a real victory.

Overall it is a great way for people without a gaming desktop to experience Pubg Mobile and enjoy Pubg anywhere.

So tell me which is your best place to land in PUBG Mobile, I hope You like How to play PUBG Mobile in PC article and if you have any question related to this article then please leave a comment in the comment box.


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