Yahoo created Yahoo Together messaging app, to compete with Whatsapp

Yahoo Together messaging app – We have a lot of messaging apps in today’s time. From where we stay connected to our friends and relatives. The most special in this application is WhatsApp, which almost everyone is using. A name is soon added to these messaging apps. Yahoo, the well-known company, is now preparing to compete with WhatsApp.

Let’s say Yahoo has launched its own instant messaging platform, named Yahoo Together. Yahoo’s this app has been made available on both Android and iOS platforms. Like other instant messaging apps, Yahoo Together comes with features such as sending chats, images, and videos, sharing GIFs, linking, and reacting. The new app is very useful for communicating news to groups of people simultaneously.

Yahoo account required for app download

Let’s say, in the beta version, the Yahoo Together app is a new version of Yahoo Squirrel. Users can download Yahoo’s group chat app for free from the Google Play Store and App Store. Let us tell you that, currently, this app is available for download in the US, hopefully, it will soon be made available in India.

The most important thing to use the app is that the user must have a Yahoo account. However, users with an account in Yahoo will be able to invoke people without an account through a unique code. Let us tell you that, the unique code will be generated within the app.

Many special features included

yahoo together messaging app

Let’s say, Yahoo’s new messaging app has included several special features. One of these features is the Smart Reminders, this feature gives users the convenience of setting up a reminder for any message in the chat. Also, all the people connected with the group chat are also informed about the date and time fixed. At the same time, the option to a group chat on a topic is given to the users.

At the same time, Secret Topics can also be created for personal interaction by users. Yahoo Together works very well. It is quite fun, as well as providing complete privacy for the users. You can invite users through the code, as well as allowing you to respond to the message. Please tell Yahoo, this year, on July 17 this year, Messenger had closed its popularity around the world. Yahoo Messenger was launched as Yahoo Pager on March 9, 1998. In 1999, its name was changed to Yahoo Messenger.

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